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Volunteers include those who assist: 

  • in exchange for a meal

  • for class/school related credit 

  • for court/judiciary appointed community service*

  • to donate their time in support of our mission and community 


Volunteer Positions

When volunteering at the café, we may assign you various jobs. While we will try to honor your preference, please understand that we may ask you to work in another position to better serve the café’s needs that day. All positions are essential to helping us accomplish our mission. Some positions carry a dual role or a combination of several tasks. 


  • Busser:  Bus tables. Take dishes to bussing bins/dishwashing station

  • Dishwasher: Wash and dry dishes. Restock dishes in appropriate area

  • Front of House: Wrap silverware. Clean/stock beverage station. Clear trash / wipe down tables.

  • Cleaning: Sweep/mop floors. Clean bathrooms. Trash removal. Wash windows / doors.

  • Greeter/Hostess: Welcome guests and explain the mission, menu and how to order, and help them find a table.

  • Server: Serves food and other items to customers and ensures that they have everything they need.

  • Other Projects: such as- gardening, fundraising, indoor and outdoor custodial / maintenance, administrative tasks, inventory, etc.

  • Cashier/Point of Accountability:  Accepts and keeps record of payment / donations from patrons. This is a specially trained position.

  • Daily Set Up Crew:  Prepare the café by completing daily opening tasks.

  • Daily Break Down Crew: Clean and complete daily closing tasks.

  • Kitchen Prep Crew: Helps prepare ingredients for menu items.  


When the café is short-staffed or exceptionally busy, you may need to pitch in where needed.


Flexibility is the key in any food service operation. If you are unable to perform a task because of any physical limitation, please let us know at once so we can accommodate your needs.


Signing up for a shift


  • Use the link that you received in your first invitation. You will receive email reminders and occasional group messages from the café from this site.


  • If it is your first time volunteering with us, please arrive 15 minutes prior so you can receive a short orientation.


  • If you do not have access to a computer, you may call or stop by the café to schedule an available shift and fill out the necessary paperwork in advance of volunteering. Please see the manager or shift supervisor at the counter.


  • If you are not available during regular service hours, there will be occasional opportunities to assist with other events (usually scheduled on weekends/evenings) or let us know what skills and abilities you would be willing to share (e.g. maintaining our grounds, café, and equipment, etc.).


  • CANCELLATION POLICY: If scheduled for a shift and you can no longer make it, please cancel your slot on, or call the café to let us know as soon as possible so we can find a replacement. We appreciate a minimum of 48 hours’ notice if you can’t make it so we have time to find a replacement for the shift spot.


Groups: We welcome group service opportunities, however, we ask that you contact us directly to schedule a date as we cannot regularly accommodate large numbers of volunteers (which are limited to 4-6 per group). We may also have opportunities to schedule your group for one of our events or a community outreach project when they arise.


Minors: Children 14 years of age or older may serve with us. Children 14 years of age must always have supervision by an accompanying parent/guardian and all parents must complete a Minor Volunteer Release Waiver for their child. It is at the café staff’s discretion to determine if the minor can safely complete the assigned tasks and if necessary, adjust the scheduled volunteer duties of the minor and parent. When signing up with a minor on the shift calendar please reserve only one spot; the assigned spot will be for both the parent and minor. 


*Court Appointed Community Service: An in-person meeting with Café staff is required to discuss volunteer opportunities and to complete the necessary court appointed paperwork prior to scheduling a volunteer shift. Please stop by the Café in person or call to schedule a meeting.

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