Interested in Volunteering and Partnering with Knead Community Café?

If possible, we’d like it if you would come in and meet us during business hours, perhaps have lunch at the café and learn what we are all about before volunteering. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You may bring your paperwork with you. 


Once we have the paperwork and introductions completed, you will be able to visit the cafe calendar on Signup (see link below) and enter which shift you would like to work and see where help is most needed. To give all community volunteers the opportunity to serve at the café, you may sign up for two shifts per week. 

Want to schedule a shift at the cafe? Please click on the link below:

Group Page: Knead Community Cafe Volunteers |

Please note that Knead Community Café is a drug, alcohol and tobacco-free premises.

Knead Community Café is a registered 501(c) (3) charitable organization

Volunteer Training Day at Knead

Please read this handbook prior to volunteering at Knead Community Café.

Print this form to complete it.  Please provide as much information as possible to enable us to contact you. You may scan it and it and email it back or bring it with you to Knead.

Volunteer Waiver Form / Minor Volunteer Release Form (Required)

Please sign this form prior to volunteering at Knead Community Café.

Parent or guardian, please sign this form before allowing a minor to volunteer at Knead.

Minors who want to volunteer may be 14 years or older accompanied by a parent or guardian who will volunteer with them. Those who are 16 or older may volunteer with a parent signature on the release form.   

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