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our sponsors

We extend our deep appreciation to all the following groups, businesses, individuals, and churches for their kindness toward this community outreach dinner.

2024 Grab 'n Go/Breaking bread Sponsors:

01/04       Maria & Fred Pfeiffer

01/11       In Memory of Bill Golembiewski

01/18       Randy & Linda Calcagno - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

01/25       In Memory Of: Sitto, Jiddo, Margaret, Minnie, Gladys, Louise, John, Dorothy, Esther & Connie, given by Michele Corey

02/01       In Memory of Dave Tanilli & Eileen Mosley

02/08       Nick Chevrolet

02/15       In Celebration of the Life of Larry Lagattuta - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

02/22       In Honor of Joanne Kehris

02/29       Robert & Catherine Cornell

03/07       Matthew Mazonkey

03/14       IMO Bob and Shirley Gaffron and Fran Woytek

03/21       Mother of Sorrows Catholic Parish - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

03/28       Michele Corey

04/04       In Memory of Phil LaRusse

04/11       United Way of Southwest PA

04/18       Dr. Don Vigliotti and Dr. Kathy Selvaggi - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

04/25       Anonymous Sponsor

05/02       Knead Supporters from Comedy Night

05/09       Karen & Dennis Cadwell

05/16       IMO Richard Bayne - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

05/23       Edward and Lynn Gallagher

05/30       A Finished Appearance

06/06       In Memory of Irene Lucas sponsored by those who love her

06/13       Doc and Linda Mueller

06/20       MW Mechanical Services - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

06/27       United Way of Southwestern PA 

07/04       NO GRAB N GO

07/11       IMO Frank Sieradzki

07/18       In Honor of Zachary Brumbaugh & Any Seed Organic Farm - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

07/25       IMO Bob and Shirley Gaffron and Fran Woytek

08/01       Wesley Family Services

08/08       IMO Ruth Keally Simpson

08/15       Metro Benefits, Inc. - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

08/22       UPMC Residency Program

08/29       Doc and Linda Mueller

09/05       Christ Our Hope Anglican Church

09/12       IMO Virginia Walker

09/19       Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

09/26       Michele Corey

10/03       Wesley Family Services

10/10       The Whitacre Family

10/17       In Memory Of Gloria M. Rayburg - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

10/24       In Celebration of Bonnie and Bob Manga's Birthday

10/31       HOLD

11/07       IMO Dave Tanilli and Eileen Mosley

11/14       HOLD

11/21       Harvest Baptist - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

11/28       NO GRAB N GO

12/05       IHO Reese and Claire Orait

12/12       2nd Tuesday Book Club

12/19       St. George Orthodox Church - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

12/26       NO GRAB N GO

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor in 2025!

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