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Our Mission

Knead Community Cafe is the first Pay-What-You-Can / Pay-It-Forward cafe in Western Pennsylvania, opening our doors in Feb 2017. We are dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy a great meal, regardless of their ability to pay. We have a two-fold mission: 


The first is to provide hunger relief to those in need. By offering delicious and healthy food options regardless of one’s means, we partner with individuals where they are.


How it Works:

Give (pay suggested donation)

Give some (pay what you can)

Give more (paying it forward)

Give of yourself (volunteer to receive a meal)

The second part of our mission is to strengthen the bonds of community by creating a safe and beautiful space, where all are invited to engage with one another. When you share space and eat together, social barriers are removed and opportunities for genuine interactions can occur. We have become a community hub in the downtown New Kensington area which has seen significant redevelopment attracting over 65 new businesses in the past four years.

This video is a wonderful snapshot of what we do. It was done in honor of Kevin Bode and his wife Mary winning Northwestern Mutual's 2021 Most Exceptional Community Service Award.

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