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Meal Exchange Policy – How It Works

We are a unique kind of café and offer a variety of ways to partner with you to enjoy a great meal.


  • Give (suggested donation price)

  • Give Some (pay what you can)

  • Give More (pay it forward)

  • Give of yourself (volunteer with us up to one hour for a meal valued at up to $12)


Those working for class credit or court/judiciary community service may either make a monetary contribution or may work additional time for a meal valued up to $12. Additional time worked for a meal will not count toward class credit or court/judiciary community service.


General Information


Tips: As a nonprofit restaurant with a mission of feeding all, we don’t accept personal tips at the café. If you are offered a tip, please direct the patron to our Donation Box at the ordering counter.


Solicitations: Although a rare occurrence, we highly discourage giving money to others on the café premises. Meal tokens are available for purchase, which can be given to others as an alternative. Please feel free to discuss this matter with café staff. 


Cell Phone Usage: Please refrain from texting or checking your cell phone while serving in the dining room area so that we may offer our patrons the best dining experience. If you are waiting for an important call, please put your phone on vibrate and walk off the floor to the volunteer room or other quiet area before answering.   


Parking: Please use the public lot across from the café on Barnes Street. It is preferable that the street parking remains available to our patrons who may have limited mobility.


Valuables:  There will be a designated location for personal belongings during your shift, but it is best to leave valuables at home if possible. Knead Community Café and its staff will not be liable for any missing or damaged items.


Personal Conduct Expectations:  Volunteers may not use or be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol during their volunteer shift. Failure to comply will be grounds for termination of volunteering with us.

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