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Grab ‘n Go Dinners

Free community Grab 'n Go meals were implemented at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic when
we noted an increased need in our community. Through the generosity of meal sponsors, we
have been able to continue this outreach on a weekly basis and distributed approximately 37,849
dinner meals over a 149 week period.

The 3rd Thursday of each month is a dine-in Breaking Bread community meal held in our banquet hall.


Knead Community Café is seeking additional community sponsors to sustain this vital program in 2024

Meal Sponsorship Opportunities

To learn more about meal sponsorship opportunities or to become a sponsor, please use the button below to download the meal sponsorship form. Completed forms can be emailed to at, mailed or dropped off at the Café. Questions? Contact Kathy at (878)-999-8680. 




We are grateful to all who have helped to provide these meals and to the many community friends who have contributed to these meals in so many ways.

We extend our deep appreciation to all the following groups, businesses, individuals, and churches for their kindness toward this community outreach dinner.

2024 Grab 'n Go/Breaking bread Sponsors:

01/04     Maria & Fred Pfeiffer

01/11       IMemory of Bill Golembiewski

01/18      Randy & Linda Calcagno - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

01/25     In Memory Of: Sitto, Jiddo, Margaret, Minnie, Gladys, Louise, John, Dorothy, Esther &                  Connie, given by Michele Corey

02/01     In Memory of Dave Tanilli & Eileen Mosley

02/08    Nick Chevrolet

02/15      In Celebration of the Life of Larry Lagattuta - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

02/22     In Honor of Joanne Kehris

02/29     Robert & Catherine Cornell

03/07     Matthew Mazonkey

03/14      IMO Bob and Shirley Gaffron and Fran Woytek

03/21      Mother of Sorrows Catholic Parish - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

03/28     Michele Corey


04/11       NEED A SPONSOR

04/18     Dr. Don Vigliotti and Dr. Kathy Selvaggi - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

04/25     NEED A SPONSOR

05/02     NEED A SPONSOR


05/16      IMO Richard Bayne - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

05/23     NEED A SPONSOR



06/13     NEED A SPONSOR

06/20    MW Mechanical Services - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

06/27     NEED A SPONSOR

07/04     NO GRAB N GO

07/11       IMO Frank Sieradzki

07/18      NEED A SPONSOR - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

07/25     IMO Bob and Shirley Gaffron and Fran Woytek

08/01     NEED A SPONSOR


08/ 15     NEED A SPONSOR - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

08/22     NEED A SPONSOR

08/29     NEED A SPONSOR

09/05     NEED A SPONSOR

09/12      NEED A SPONSOR

09/19      Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

09/26     NEED A SPONSOR

10/03      NEED A SPONSOR

10/10       NEED A SPONSOR

10/17        NEED A SPONSOR - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

10/24       In Celebration of Bonnie and Bob Manga's Birthday

10/31        NEED A SPONSOR

11/07        NEED A SPONSOR

11/14         NEED A SPONSOR

11/21         Harvest Baptist - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

11/28        NO GRAB N GO

12/05       NEED A SPONSOR

12/12         NEED A SPONSOR

12/19         St. George Orthodox Church - Breaking Bread Eat-In Dinner

12/26        NO GRAB N GO

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor in 2024!

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