March 28, 2020

Order Takeout ONLINE

We will continue to offer Takeout at Knead Community Cafe during this crisis. To that end we are excited to now have an ONLINE ordering system in place.


Start your Online Order here:

Safe and secure.

Our New Wish List!

February 06, 2020

We don’t need perfume, jewelry, or chocolates but if you want to be a Sweetheart, bring us an item off our Wishlist and enter in a raffle to win a free lunch at the cafe!



Regular Ground or decaf coffee

Sweetened Iced Tea mix in canisters

Dry creamer canisters

Coffee Stirrers

Aluminum Foil Steam Pans full size

6” Styrofoam dessert plates

12oz. Styrofoam bowls for salads

Premium White 2ply Luncheon or dinner napkins*                                                                                                                                           

8oz Styrofoam cups ( coffee)

12oz. Plastic cups (for cold beverages)

Individual Butter pats

Iodized Table Salt and Fine Ground Pepper (to refill shakers)

Baked good desserts delivered on the 3rd Thursday of the month for the meal.

Name Tag Labels




Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer refill

Windex glass cleaner refill

Pine Sol cleaner

Niagara Spray Starch

Keurig coffee cups -decaf

Honey for our tea drinkers

Dawn liquid dish soap

Freezer bags- 1gallon or jumbo two gallon and quart size

Aluminum Foil Steam Pans full size

Clorox wipes and Mr. Clean sponge erasers

6” square Styrofoam hinged take out containers

9x9 Styrofoam one compartment take out containers

Premium White 2ply Luncheon or dinner napkins*

Beverage size cocktail napkins*

Food service Vinyl gloves in L XL

Cupcake liners and Foil sheet wraps

(see staff to purchase a full case if desired)*


**Gift cards from Sam’s Club, Amazon, and local supermarkets are

always appreciated!

Your donation helps to sustain our mission of feeding all regardless of means.

Community Farm Table Sponsorship

September 09, 2019

Our community farm table is the signature feature of the café. It’s the place where great conversations are held and special gatherings are celebrated. If you are dining alone or in a group, all are welcome at this table to sit together, relax and enjoy a meal.


We are offering a new opportunity to sponsor this beautiful centerpiece of our café and community.  We hope every month to spotlight a special birthday, anniversary, in memory of a loved one or perhaps to acknowledge a business, church or organization’s support of the café. Placards will be placed on the farm table to highlight this kind gesture. In addition, there will be a framed recognition added to our unique table sponsorship board for that designated month.


This sponsorship opportunity is suggested at a donation of $400 per month. If this is something you are interested in doing,

please contact Marcie at (878)302-3270.

Thank you in advance for your support of our café mission!

 to grab your audience's attention...

Ladies Afternoon Tea at Knead Café. SOLD OUT

May 03, 2020

Our Tea is SOLD OUT. 

Sponsorships are still available!

Call 878- 847-7997 for more information.

CANCELLED: Spring Fling Craft and Vendor Fair

April 25, 2020

In light of recent developments the Spring Fling Craft and Vendor Fair has been cancelled.

Our next fair is July 25, 2020! See you then.

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